Career and business history.


Hussain Sajwani is a rich businessman who has over the years made a great fortune in the real estate business. After completion of his college education, he worked as a contract manager at one of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company’s subsidiaries, GASCO. Being the entrepreneur he is, he would later quit his job to focus on his catering business, a move that would catapult him to the prolific businessman he is today.


Originally, his main customers were men and women working in the energy sector, but that would soon change as new opportunities were presented by the Gulf war. He switched his focus from feeding mere factory workers to supplying American soldiers with food, a move that exposed his business to the rest of the world.


Having built up a considerably large catering business, Mr. Sajwani was ready for the next big step in his entrepreneurship journey: the real estate business. In 2002, he began developing mid-market hotels, and the result of this would be the inception of DAMAC group. DAMAC group was run as a family business, with Sajwani serving as both the CEO and chairman of the company.


Sajwani and Donald Trump


After the successful formation of DAMAC group, Hussain Sajwani family-the Damac Owner switched his focus to the creation and maintenance of a rich business network for his new entity. It is through the process of networking that he met the current president of the United States. They would later collaborate in the establishment of the 2billion dollar Trump international golf club.


DAMAC Group property affiliations.


Akoya Oxygen is one of the most prominent properties that developed by DAMAC group. Its development began in 2013. Currently, 12000 units of this property have been developed, and the development of 39000 more is still underway. Also, DAMAC group has built an impressive 16,800 homes to date and still boasts an outstanding development portfolio of 44,000 incomplete units.


Hussain Sajwani and DAMAC group philanthropic activities


Hussain Sajwani family organization is also involved in humanitarian activities. He is widely adored for the donation of over 2 million US dollars to a course aimed at providing clothing to over a million children.


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The Brown Modeling Agency, Bringing Big City Fashion to Texas

The Brown Modeling Agency makes big waves in the fashion and advertising world. The CEO of The Brown Agency is Justin Brown. Justin has worked diligently to put models and actors in the best possible jobs and continues to work hard to bring talent from the middle of the country to the bigger markets on the east and west coasts.

The Brown Modeling Agency is an amalgamation of two different agencies coming together under new management. Wilhelmina Austin launched in 2010 as a modeling agency in Austin Texas. Heyman Talent-South was a talent agency located in Austin as well. The combination of these two companies, now called the Brown Modeling Agency is the best of both worlds. Justin Brown is in the role of CEO and Michael B. Bonnée, the founder of Heyman Talent-South lends his expertise with the theatrical division.

In an interview on Justin Brown was quoted as saying, “Both agencies find pride in selecting the best, prepping them on a larger market level and delivering the most professional, elegant and dependable talent. We are now able to do this on a larger scale.”

It’s more than just The Brown Agency increasing it’s presence in the state of Texas. The company itself is hugely popular among those that work for them as well.

Katheryne West is a model with The Brown Modeling Agency and she is quoted as saying, “I think that over the next five years is a really bright future at The Brown Agency. And I think it’s really cool that we’re not only growing in fashion but also commercial, which is very important in the Texas industry.”

Giacomo Forbes is a celebrity hair stylist that works for the agency and he is quoted as saying, “We love it because we love our industry, we love what we do.”

Since the launch of the company they have placed models working with companies such as Louis Vuitton, Toyota, Dodge, and Dell. Models from the agency have worked in Austin Fashion week as well as New York Fashion Week and more.

The Brown Modeling Agency in Austin, Texas is a prolific agency that not only flourishes in Austin, but around the country as well. Justin Brown has worked in the industry his entire adult life and has managed to not only function in the city of Austin, but carve out his very own niche and has created a competitive marketplace in his own city. Could the Brown Agency bring big city fashion to the middle of the country? It sure looks like they can from here.

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One Website To Rule Them All

Not every business is nearly as fortunate as the U.S. Money Reserve’s current standing enables them to be today. This is due to the U.S. agency’s leaderships and strong team members on board.

With Phillip N. Diehl in command of the United States Government agency, there’s a lot of positive stakes to make. Nothing but greatest is in store.

Phillip brings to the U.S. Money Reserve the same ingenuity he implemented as the U.S. Mint Director. His work and past clearly shines as much as the quarter collection he implemented to spur appreciate and circulation of new U.S. money. The affect of that U.S. Mint circulation brought massive attention to the agency.

Success only and soon followed as many involved expected

There’s an innate understanding that Phillip has and where he’s able to command complete respect regarding public sentiment. That’s why it comes as no surprise that this same pioneer is not only desired at the U.S. Money Reserve but will bring innovations that none of his predecessors thought to accomplish.

And here’s where we start. Today, Mr. Diehl rolls up his sleeves to announce his most satisfying project today. But you might be surprised at how simple his public revelation is.

We think you will also be amazed to find out how affective it has been. In a world of technology and digital access, the U.S. Reserve launches a new site.

Those involved are saying, “Finally!” And this isn’t because the project is behind it’s intended schedule. The sign of relief regarding the website launch is because of what it offers the U.S. agency in reserve. The world is in a digital state, and every public entity needs to become digital in order to meet consumers where they are. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

More importantly, this portal for information enables the U.S. Money Reserve to share data about itself that it couldn’t share during its past generations. Call it, “One giant step for mankind.” Today, the agency is able to inform anyone interested in government-backed investments about the prospects and the margins of profits.

In a prior world, where it was necessary to have someone’s entire attention, the agency lacked the sufficient means to reach its consumer with.

Now, through strategic implementations and online leverage, more and more people are aware of the U.S. Money Reserve and the role it plays in government-backed investments.

How Has Securus Technologies Become Such a Great Piece of a Communicative Program? Continue Reading Further To Find Out

Securus Technologies is a form of communications that has taken the world of networking by a storm. Whether you’re aware of it or not, Securus Technologies is offering its immediate users with a form of a benefit that isn’t necessarily available from any other type of communications. Securus Technologies is a program that has been designed to give inmates a chance of speaking with those who may have not had an opportunity of visiting them at their correctional facility in a convenient method of video chatting. This particular form of video chatting is as convenient as it could get for inmates’ visitors, as they’re not required to visit the location in which the inmates are in physically, nor are they obligated with undergoing a lengthy and what has often been regarded as being a hassle of a process of appointment scheduling with prison officials who are in charge of setting up days and times for visitors to go to the location of the inmates’ confinement areas.


Securus Technologies is truly making a difference in the safety and well-being of entire communities, aside from just the lives of its immediate users, which are inmates and those who are considered to be their visitors. This is due to police agencies being capable of utilizing any instances of crime that are spoken about within the lines of communication in court. Such a capability of theirs is essentially becoming a deterrent of crimes as every inmate in correctional facilities the particular communicative system is being utilized in is on the alert of there being a tool/device that they need to essentially be aware of, as it’s essentially allowing other inmates to speak about what they may be doing in those respective places of confinement. Contact a representative of the program today to begin utilizing it.


Success Academy Achievement Criteria

The achievement of Success Academy is something that has created a buzz across the region. It is a charter network with 32 schools serving 9,000 students. It was first opened in 2006. It has grown tremendously and has performed remarkably well. The network is projecting to open 13 additional schools in the next two years with an approximated figure of 21,000 students.

Success Academy collaborates as one system of scholars, teachers, and school leaders to transition smoothly. They have tailor-made approach across each school level. The success of the school is a laser focus on what is taught and how it is taught. The Success Academy has its English Language Arts (ELA) Curriculum. The research shows that the balanced literacy does not build the knowledge and vocabulary that the children need. The Academy has added a lot of content to it. They have the Teachers College reading and writing workshop model that encourages independent reading. Moskowitz says that kids need to be avid readers. Their think literacy program includes reading workshop, read aloud, guided reading, and shared texts. Students spend two hours every day on a combination of some of the four elements.

Elementary students have two project-based learning units in each grade. There is an additional independent learning time in the middle school. Students receive iPads loaded with information and books. Middle school students must read seven key texts where four are novels, two non-fictions, and one of poetry. Writing skills are a priority from Kindergarten to the 8th grade. Students produce longer pieces across different genres in other levels.

Sara Yu is a literature expert in the Success Academy School. Sara provides the students with engaging books at all levels that expose students to great materials with diverse cultures and background characters. They also have an off-the-shelf math curriculum with designed set of activities that help students to master new concepts each day. The Success Academy ELA and math curriculum are well integrated with the common core state standards. They have an experiment based science class daily. Students take test preps. They also practice tests that are posted in the hallways. Teachers are ranked according to how well their students perform.


In this modern age, women wearing makeup has become a social norm. A large percentage of women wear makeup, especially lip balms. Lip balms are examples of makeup. Not very long ago, lip balms were not in existence. Therefore, women resorted to the use of Chapsticks to color their lips. Chapsticks often came in a variety of flavors and depending on your preference; you would either opt for the original no flavored version or the mint- flavored one.

Launching of EOS Lip balm.

A few years later, EOS came into existence. EOS stands for Evolution of Smooth. EOS is a revolutionary beauty product that has transformed the beauty and fashion industry. Contrary to chapsticks, EOS was designed not only to be sleek but also to have an intimate connection with the user.

Furthermore, this product is uniquely tailored to ensure that the user enjoys it. All these were done to make sure that EOS lip balm becomes the best option.

The dominance of this lip balm in the beauty and fashion sector can be due to many factors, but a top of the list is the management team. Sanjiv Mehra, a co-founder and managing partner of EOS, attributes the success of EOS to a well-conducted market research, a great marketing policy, and good management. For instance, lip balms were previously considered a unisex commodity.

However, the market research conducted by the founders of EOS stated that women bought more lip balms compared to men. They, therefore, had to design this lip balm to suit the needs and requirements of women maximally. This factor made EOS more competitive compared to its counter beauty products.

Despite all these, EOS was not selling as projected. Good product placement was, therefore, the way to go. By partnering with well-known celebrities such as Demi Lovato, EOS lip balm started being popular. Years later, EOS is a household beauty product. The products are being sold on Wal-Mart and Target stores nationwide. Currently, EOS has a weekly sale that amounts to almost 2 million dollars.

Who’s that girl?

The one who looks like a beautiful, walking rainbow. Or a colorful unicorn. In fact, she is known as “the Queen of Unicorns“.


Doe Deere is the Founder, CEO, and owner of Lime Crime, an ultra-successful cosmetics company famous for it’s cruelty-free, vegan, and did we mention megawatt-hued products? Her amazing makeup line has made it possible for her devoted followers, whom she lovingly refers to as her Unicorns, to express their individuality as beautifully as Doe herself does.


Following a very “colorful” history of her own, Doe introduced Lime Crime makeup in mid-October of 2008. She was tired of not being able to find beauty products in the bright, vibrant colors she herself was so fond of. This was during the era of “Neutrals”, when even the supermodels were seen in nothing but nude, beige, and earthy makeup tones. These were too tame for Doe’s personality. She began to concoct her own makeup in the colors she loved. Other vibrant souls saw Doe and fell in love with her look and wanted to know where they could get the same products. The idea of creating her own exclusive line of cosmetics was born.



Doe Deere was born in Russia and lived there until she was 17 years old, when she moved to New York City with her family. Prior to this she had her first brush with the business of beauty at the age of 13, when she began wearing her own temporary tattoo designs to school. Other students loved them and wanted some for themselves. Doe began selling her temporary tattoos to her fellow students – a preview of her future in the world of beauty.



Upon moving to New York City Doe joined a band. During this artistic adventure she gained experience in marketing, advertisement, and grabbing and holding the attention of a crowd. This too would come into play when she launched her own company.



Lime Crime cosmetics is overseen by Doe personally. She has a hand in the creation of every new product, and the color must meet with her approval one hundred percent. Doe’s devoted customers rave about Lime Crime, and about Doe. They love the fact that she understands them and helps them to creatively and uniquely express their personalities in such a fun way. Doe says she will continue to create the products her precious Unicorns love and that they are her inspiration for each and every new product in her Lime Crime line. It is this devotion and personal connection that makes Doe and her company so successful.



Whitney Wolfe Builds A Dating App Platform By Being Vocal About Bumble

Dating can be a complicated process. Bumble is the app that may make things much easier. It does not have to be complicated because there are many people that simply want to expedite the relationship by getting a good match. When messages are sent and not answered in a certain time frame this hinders the dating process. That is the main reason that Whitney Wolfe wanted to go solo and do something that was different from what all of her other counterparts were doing.

The dating app industry has a lot of players, but Whitney Wolfe is one that actually stands out because she is taking the time to actually see what singles are looking for. Wolfe is a young entrepreneur. So many of the other dating app leaders are in the background. They are relying on the name of the company to propel the brand. Companies like eHarmony, for example, have been around for a long time, and advertising through commercials is what will propel this type of premium dating app. Whitney Wolfe is getting her name out there and getting people to talk about her app. That is the thing that changes the course of the game for Bumble. This is the app that people know more about because they see the person that has actually started the company. Whitney Wolfe is vocal, and this is inspiring to a lot of other women in business.

Whitney Wolfe has taken it upon herself to build a legacy in her young age by going above and beyond. She is not following what everyone else is doing. Wolfe is carving out her own lane and leading the way. The dating app industry was not anything that was worthy of conversation because it was so bland. Whitney Wolfe spiced things up for singles.

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Fabletics – Personalized Shopping Experience Like Never Before

Fabletics is a leading online e-commerce portal offering high quality “Athleisure” products that are affordable and uniquely designed to appeal the modern consumers. Fabletics has grown from strength to strength in just four years since its inception in 2013 and is now doing a business of close to $250 million each year, a figure that is expected to grow manifolds in the year to continue. The company is growing at over 35 percent annually since the brand was launched, and one of the primary reasons has been its subscription model. In the subscription model, the customers get an email showcasing a personalized collection of athleisure products.


The members can pick and buy the articles they like at a discounted price, and it would be delivered at their doorstep. If the member wishes to skip any month, they can do so without any obligation to pay for that particular month. It is a flexible membership model that is aimed at offering convenience to the customers while personalizing the entire shopping experience.


One of the co-owners of Fabletics is Kate Hudson, a famous Hollywood celebrity, who apart from being a great actress and an Emmy Award winner, is also a role model for many women for her amazing body and fitness level. The influence of designs and style followed by Kate Hudson is seen in Fabletics collection and is one of the reasons why Fabletics was popular among the target audience from day one itself. The company was able to make a mark in the fashion retail business in a relatively shorter period, because of factors like it’s available subscription model, unique and stylish collection of fashion and athleisure articles, and the reverse showroom technique the company implemented recently.


The policy of reverse engineering is earlier successfully used by major companies such as Warby Parker and Apple successfully. It helps the brand to reach out to a wider audience without them losing interest in the brand, but rather helps in increasing the brand curiosity, which helps in increasing sales, expanding customer base, and enhancing revenue over time. The successful implementation of reverse engineering technique has lead to the company converting over 35 percent of the showroom visitors into VIP members.


The VIP members have only the good things to say about the subscription model because busy and working women are now able to buy exactly what they want with ease and that too affordable. The motto of the company from the time of its launch was to ensure that the customers get quality products without costing a bomb. And, it is what has helped the company reach out to masses with ease, and give a tough competition to the other main athleisure brands.


The company does extensive research and uses the data available from its local department to showcase only the product that interests its customers at its stores nationwide. If you are looking to join Fabletics as a VIP member, make sure to take its Lifestyle Quiz, which would give you an idea as to how the company personalizes the shopping experience for its patrons.

Todd Lubar’s Career and Contributions to the Real Estate Industry

From 2013, Todd Lubar has been the president as well as owner of the New Jersey based TDL Ventures. He started his education in Washington DC at Sidwell Friends School in 1977, but moved to Peddie High School located in Hightstown NJ for his high school education. He then acquired a B.A. in speech communication from the Syracuse University. The businessperson resides at Bethesda in Maryland with his two children who he loves to spend time with. He works to become a better person with each day as well as add value to the society.

Todd Lubar developed a love for the real estate industry early in his life, in 1995 just after graduating from Syracuse University. He kicked off as a loan originator for Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he gained useful knowledge and skills in conservation of mortgage banking. To expand his learning circle, he formed useful relationships with CPAs, real estate agents, insurance agents and financial planners. The relationships were well maintained and are currently part of his referral base. One of his biggest steps in life was in 1999 when he accepted an equity role with Legacy Financial Group, which gave him a chance to expand his lending knowledge. He was now able to lend like a direct mortgage bank as well as broker loans to outside investors.

According to yelp, the businessman later started Legendary Properties, LLC, which is aimed at buying, rehabilitating, selling and earning a profit on houses that range from simple single- family residences to multi-family structures. Todd was able to be successful in his company due to the strong bonds he had with experienced individuals in these fields. He was able to develop his work even more by starting his own Charter Funding, which was a First Magnus Financial Corporation branch.

Later in his life, Todd discovered that there was a huge group of underserved clients. This prompted a decision to establish Legendary Financial, LLC. This was a part of legendary properties only that it was a financial division lending to people and companies who would have likely missed out from the traditional lending sources. Mr. Lubar had the capability to evaluate the risk of any loan condition due to his vast experience in the field. In 2008, he started being involved in other fields such as automatic scrap metal and commercial demolition. Todd has greatly contributed to the advancement of the real estate sector throughout his career; more details can be found on

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