Business In Brazil With Alexandre Gama

It is not known how Alexandre Gama became one of the largest businessmen in Brazil after starting with nothing. He now is worth millions with his own marketing company and various investments internationally. He is even an avid filmmaker that wins awards at the Cannes Film Festival.

Alexandre Gama is a Rio resident with a modest upbringing. He simply had gone to his local public university to study marketing and ended up with a copywriting job. He had worked for big names at the time like Standard Ogilvy & Mather, Young & Rubicam, and Almap BBDO. Before he knew it, he had become one of the most desired copywriters in the country.

Since he had an early wave of success, he had vested himself to start his own marketing company called Neogama. This company had eventually merged with BBH of London and the pair went on to create some of the most powerful campaigns in the world.


Bernardo Chua is a Multi-Level Marketing Genius

Bernardo Chua has become a multi-marketing guru. He took on employment challenges with Gano Excel in the Philippines and ultimately helped to expand the company to Canada and Hong Kong and eventually to the United States. When Chua became the President of Gano Excel USA, he relocated to California.

The company product line included instant coffee, capsules and other food products and was made with ganoderma. Ganoderma is a bi-product lingzhi mushroom and it grows on wood. Ganoderma has been used in Asian culture for centuries.

Chua was the founder of Organo Gold, in 2008 and is a group of companies operating the name of Organo Gold and Coffee Connoisseur. Chua envisioned marketing a variety of healthy bioactive coffee products that contained gandomera.

His plan was to develop a multi-marketing marketing network and distribute his products through direct sales. In 2015, the company changed its brand to Organo and continued to sell products through its distribution system.

As Bernardo Chua was setting up his company he saw the many benefits of direct sales. He found it was a very quick way to grow his business and allowed him to take the company worldwide. Direct sales have become a very effective manner of business for Chua and have prompted company growth tremendously.

Chua has developed a multi-level marketing system that allows individuals become business owners. For entrepreneurs with ambition, dedication and drive a multi-marketing system such as operated by Chua has all the right parts for success. Learn more about Bernado Chua: and

He provides distributors the tools necessary to operate a business, as well as the products to distribute. A multi-level marketing business is easy to start and with focus anyone can grow their business to be as profitable as they want.

Multi-level marketing brings business opportunities to those who do not necessarily have the resources to start a business. One of the perks of this type of business is it allows individuals to operate the business from a home based office.

That certainly helps to cut down on overhead costs, which is an additional perk to a multi-level marketing business. With Bernado Chua’s forward thinking, he is always on the forefront of developing new and improved products and that helps individuals keep businesses fresh and growing.

The Future of Entrepreneurship with Sawyer Howitt

Sawyer Howitt has had the privilege of working in various places including the Meriwether Group. The part-time jobs he took while in high school helped him to develop and sharpen his skills in various areas. In 2016, he worked at KURE Juice Bar in the customer service department. He had previously worked as a business strategy analyst. Sawyer Howitt is currently the project manager at the Meriwether Group.

Sawyer Howitt’s dedication towards entrepreneurship is clearly seen in the various startups he has worked with. During his role at RFID Checkout, Sawyer used the company’s technology to improve retailing. This technology saves the retail outlets that have adopted it a lot of time. It makes the checkout of their products a lot easier as compared to those that use barcodes.

Sawyer Howitt believes that the RFID Checkout technology has not reached its potential. He understands that as many new ventures, it is yet to penetrate the market. Howitt believes that retailers should embrace this new technology to make their stores more efficient. He also offers some advice to the marketing team of the company to increase their sales.

In his current role, Sawyer easily identifies the administrative and financial needs of the clients. This makes it easier for him to come up with relevant solutions for the company’s various clients. Delivering the best advice for the businesses earns him the trust of the clients. Sawyer Howitt’s expertise has made him an asset to the Meriwether Group

Sawyer is looking forward to joining a university to study entrepreneurial finance. He seems to be taking after his father, David Howitt, who is also an entrepreneur and the founder of the Meriwether Group. The Meriwether Group has helped many young entrepreneurs to realize their goals. Sawyer Howitt is an entrepreneur and a racquetball player. He also enjoys fishing in his free time.

Other than entrepreneurship and sports, Sawyer also has an interest in philanthropy. Sawyer has been working with various philanthropic organizations. He has been focusing on youth mentorship and women rights. He is also bringing various ethnic groups together by leading an international study group.



Learn More about the Fashion Icon Doe Deere

Doe is a Russian by birth but moved to New York when she was 17yrs old. She is the creator and president of lime crime cosmetics. Doe Deere attended FIT in New York and graduated with a major in fashion design.


Her primary goal is to show the world that cosmetics do more than hide imperfections, but are ways people can express their freedom. According to Doe, beauty is what feels right rather than natural or what looks good to others. The passion is what inspired her to launch her line of magical, cruelty-free, and colorful cosmetics.


Line Crime


It is a bold, intensely pigmented, and vibrant shop of animal friend cosmetics sold throughout the world. The name was inspired by Doe’s favorite color and her vision to come up with bright eye shadows, lipsticks and nail polishes that make women feel good about themselves.


No one can say that Doe has been lucky or she was handed everything. She started minuscule, but through hard work and determination, she achieved what she wanted to make on her own. She is also a supporter of other women entrepreneurs.


While speaking at public events like Vegas Nay’s Stardust Tour and PHAMExpo, Doe has encouraged people to find their voice and follow their ambition. Through her Instagram, she is always reaching out to other entrepreneurs and giving the future entrepreneurs tips and free advice.


Recap of the article


Also known as, the queen of the unicorn, Doe sat with Samantha to show people how to make their dreams come true. Doe said that being a musician helped her learn marketing skills and appreciating your customers all the time. Music also taught her how to work together through the band members and her husband who was also in the band when they met.


On advice to younger women and her secret to success, Doe said that following the heart is the top thing a would-be aspirant can do. The reason is everyone is different and has something different to offer to the world. When they do that, that is when their unique skills start to show and they reach their potential. Her secret to success is establishing what you love and working on it. Be in touch with yourself and know how to bring out the best in you.


In conclusion, Doe Deere is a great fashion icon who has done so much in the makeup industry and for women. Follow her on Instagram @DoeDeere and learn more about her.

Larkin & Lacey Create The Frontera Fund For Migrants

Migrant workers and immigrants are often in need of help with civil and human rights. They are afraid of being harmed by the government, and they are forced into situations where they cannot help themselves.

This article explains how the Larkin & Lacey fund was started, and it shows how Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin put their money back into he community. They are reaching out to help others, and they are creating a stronger sense of support for these disadvantaged communities.

#1: Their Initial Funding

The initial funding of the Frontera Fund was a settlement of over $3 million that came from a lawsuit. These two men had to sue Sheriff Jo Arpaio for false arrest, and they were awarded this large sum of money in the case.

They have parlayed this money into a strong nonprofit that is supporting others, and they believe that it is the best way to give back tot he people in their community.

#2: Their Goals

These two men wish to help people who cannot help themselves, and they want to fight for the rights of people who are not able to fight for themselves.

The Frontera Fund will give money to anyone who needs a legal advocate, and they are using their platform to fight for human rights. They are raising more money on this platform, and they will continue to fight under the Frontera Fund name.

#3: The Reporting

Michael and Jim have reported on the abuses of conservative politicians in the area, and they have created quite a lot of content to ensure that the public know what it has been like when they are not looking these two men were arrested falsely for the work they did, and they were able to sue to show that they have a right to free press. The free press suit they won paid for the charity, and it showed the people of the area that they must be more thoughtful about how they vote for.

#4: Changing Migrant Culture

There are quite a few people who are searching for work in this area, and they often come through this area with others who are working. They are working in the agriculture industry, and they are showing that these people need help.

They are exposing many abuses that have occurred, and they are helping people who are most in need of advocacy. There are quite a few advocates who will find that they may help people who are in the area searching for a better life.  Learn more about Jim Larkin: and

The people who are helped most by the Frontera Fund are those who are on the fringes of society. This beautiful new charity will give money back to people who need advocacy, and they will offer people something that they cannot afford.

The Frontera Fund pays for everything, and they will ensure that someone who is in an unprotected community will have the resources they need to change their life, remain in America and avoid human rights abuses.

Read more:

Jim Larkin | Crunchbase


Career and business history.


Hussain Sajwani is a rich businessman who has over the years made a great fortune in the real estate business. After completion of his college education, he worked as a contract manager at one of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company’s subsidiaries, GASCO. Being the entrepreneur he is, he would later quit his job to focus on his catering business, a move that would catapult him to the prolific businessman he is today.


Originally, his main customers were men and women working in the energy sector, but that would soon change as new opportunities were presented by the Gulf war. He switched his focus from feeding mere factory workers to supplying American soldiers with food, a move that exposed his business to the rest of the world.


Having built up a considerably large catering business, Mr. Sajwani was ready for the next big step in his entrepreneurship journey: the real estate business. In 2002, he began developing mid-market hotels, and the result of this would be the inception of DAMAC group. DAMAC group was run as a family business, with Sajwani serving as both the CEO and chairman of the company.


Sajwani and Donald Trump


After the successful formation of DAMAC group, Hussain Sajwani family-the Damac Owner switched his focus to the creation and maintenance of a rich business network for his new entity. It is through the process of networking that he met the current president of the United States. They would later collaborate in the establishment of the 2billion dollar Trump international golf club.


DAMAC Group property affiliations.


Akoya Oxygen is one of the most prominent properties that developed by DAMAC group. Its development began in 2013. Currently, 12000 units of this property have been developed, and the development of 39000 more is still underway. Also, DAMAC group has built an impressive 16,800 homes to date and still boasts an outstanding development portfolio of 44,000 incomplete units.


Hussain Sajwani and DAMAC group philanthropic activities


Hussain Sajwani family organization is also involved in humanitarian activities. He is widely adored for the donation of over 2 million US dollars to a course aimed at providing clothing to over a million children.


Visit to learn more.



The Brown Modeling Agency, Bringing Big City Fashion to Texas

The Brown Modeling Agency makes big waves in the fashion and advertising world. The CEO of The Brown Agency is Justin Brown. Justin has worked diligently to put models and actors in the best possible jobs and continues to work hard to bring talent from the middle of the country to the bigger markets on the east and west coasts.

The Brown Modeling Agency is an amalgamation of two different agencies coming together under new management. Wilhelmina Austin launched in 2010 as a modeling agency in Austin Texas. Heyman Talent-South was a talent agency located in Austin as well. The combination of these two companies, now called the Brown Modeling Agency is the best of both worlds. Justin Brown is in the role of CEO and Michael B. Bonnée, the founder of Heyman Talent-South lends his expertise with the theatrical division.

In an interview on Justin Brown was quoted as saying, “Both agencies find pride in selecting the best, prepping them on a larger market level and delivering the most professional, elegant and dependable talent. We are now able to do this on a larger scale.”

It’s more than just The Brown Agency increasing it’s presence in the state of Texas. The company itself is hugely popular among those that work for them as well.

Katheryne West is a model with The Brown Modeling Agency and she is quoted as saying, “I think that over the next five years is a really bright future at The Brown Agency. And I think it’s really cool that we’re not only growing in fashion but also commercial, which is very important in the Texas industry.”

Giacomo Forbes is a celebrity hair stylist that works for the agency and he is quoted as saying, “We love it because we love our industry, we love what we do.”

Since the launch of the company they have placed models working with companies such as Louis Vuitton, Toyota, Dodge, and Dell. Models from the agency have worked in Austin Fashion week as well as New York Fashion Week and more.

The Brown Modeling Agency in Austin, Texas is a prolific agency that not only flourishes in Austin, but around the country as well. Justin Brown has worked in the industry his entire adult life and has managed to not only function in the city of Austin, but carve out his very own niche and has created a competitive marketplace in his own city. Could the Brown Agency bring big city fashion to the middle of the country? It sure looks like they can from here.

Follow their Instagram page


One Website To Rule Them All

Not every business is nearly as fortunate as the U.S. Money Reserve’s current standing enables them to be today. This is due to the U.S. agency’s leaderships and strong team members on board.

With Phillip N. Diehl in command of the United States Government agency, there’s a lot of positive stakes to make. Nothing but greatest is in store.

Phillip brings to the U.S. Money Reserve the same ingenuity he implemented as the U.S. Mint Director. His work and past clearly shines as much as the quarter collection he implemented to spur appreciate and circulation of new U.S. money. The affect of that U.S. Mint circulation brought massive attention to the agency.

Success only and soon followed as many involved expected

There’s an innate understanding that Phillip has and where he’s able to command complete respect regarding public sentiment. That’s why it comes as no surprise that this same pioneer is not only desired at the U.S. Money Reserve but will bring innovations that none of his predecessors thought to accomplish.

And here’s where we start. Today, Mr. Diehl rolls up his sleeves to announce his most satisfying project today. But you might be surprised at how simple his public revelation is.

We think you will also be amazed to find out how affective it has been. In a world of technology and digital access, the U.S. Reserve launches a new site.

Those involved are saying, “Finally!” And this isn’t because the project is behind it’s intended schedule. The sign of relief regarding the website launch is because of what it offers the U.S. agency in reserve. The world is in a digital state, and every public entity needs to become digital in order to meet consumers where they are. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

More importantly, this portal for information enables the U.S. Money Reserve to share data about itself that it couldn’t share during its past generations. Call it, “One giant step for mankind.” Today, the agency is able to inform anyone interested in government-backed investments about the prospects and the margins of profits.

In a prior world, where it was necessary to have someone’s entire attention, the agency lacked the sufficient means to reach its consumer with.

Now, through strategic implementations and online leverage, more and more people are aware of the U.S. Money Reserve and the role it plays in government-backed investments.

How Has Securus Technologies Become Such a Great Piece of a Communicative Program? Continue Reading Further To Find Out

Securus Technologies is a form of communications that has taken the world of networking by a storm. Whether you’re aware of it or not, Securus Technologies is offering its immediate users with a form of a benefit that isn’t necessarily available from any other type of communications. Securus Technologies is a program that has been designed to give inmates a chance of speaking with those who may have not had an opportunity of visiting them at their correctional facility in a convenient method of video chatting. This particular form of video chatting is as convenient as it could get for inmates’ visitors, as they’re not required to visit the location in which the inmates are in physically, nor are they obligated with undergoing a lengthy and what has often been regarded as being a hassle of a process of appointment scheduling with prison officials who are in charge of setting up days and times for visitors to go to the location of the inmates’ confinement areas.


Securus Technologies is truly making a difference in the safety and well-being of entire communities, aside from just the lives of its immediate users, which are inmates and those who are considered to be their visitors. This is due to police agencies being capable of utilizing any instances of crime that are spoken about within the lines of communication in court. Such a capability of theirs is essentially becoming a deterrent of crimes as every inmate in correctional facilities the particular communicative system is being utilized in is on the alert of there being a tool/device that they need to essentially be aware of, as it’s essentially allowing other inmates to speak about what they may be doing in those respective places of confinement. Contact a representative of the program today to begin utilizing it.


Success Academy Achievement Criteria

The achievement of Success Academy is something that has created a buzz across the region. It is a charter network with 32 schools serving 9,000 students. It was first opened in 2006. It has grown tremendously and has performed remarkably well. The network is projecting to open 13 additional schools in the next two years with an approximated figure of 21,000 students.

Success Academy collaborates as one system of scholars, teachers, and school leaders to transition smoothly. They have tailor-made approach across each school level. The success of the school is a laser focus on what is taught and how it is taught. The Success Academy has its English Language Arts (ELA) Curriculum. The research shows that the balanced literacy does not build the knowledge and vocabulary that the children need. The Academy has added a lot of content to it. They have the Teachers College reading and writing workshop model that encourages independent reading. Moskowitz says that kids need to be avid readers. Their think literacy program includes reading workshop, read aloud, guided reading, and shared texts. Students spend two hours every day on a combination of some of the four elements.

Elementary students have two project-based learning units in each grade. There is an additional independent learning time in the middle school. Students receive iPads loaded with information and books. Middle school students must read seven key texts where four are novels, two non-fictions, and one of poetry. Writing skills are a priority from Kindergarten to the 8th grade. Students produce longer pieces across different genres in other levels.

Sara Yu is a literature expert in the Success Academy School. Sara provides the students with engaging books at all levels that expose students to great materials with diverse cultures and background characters. They also have an off-the-shelf math curriculum with designed set of activities that help students to master new concepts each day. The Success Academy ELA and math curriculum are well integrated with the common core state standards. They have an experiment based science class daily. Students take test preps. They also practice tests that are posted in the hallways. Teachers are ranked according to how well their students perform.