Securus Technologies has set the everyday family video visitation in prison

This may sound surreal, but for many relatives and friends of inmates in the 2, 200 correctional facilities served by Securus Technologies, it is a reality. The same way I set up a two-way communication platform on my Skype, Securus has developed the very first video visitation. The video visitation works just like any other video call on my computer. It is easy to set up and significantly cheaper compared to travel. I can bring the home experience into prison and to a brother, a sister, father, or even a friend.

I no longer have to visit my friend or family if he is in a correctional facility far away from home. I can now make an everyday meeting with my other family and friends and invite him or her. The video visitation will reduce the budgets and the time lost traveling from one state to another to visit loved ones. It will also offer inmates a chance to mingle with others at home.

According to one of the family, the video visitation is a step closer home for their son who is under incarceration for two years. They believe that they can involve him in as many activities as possible including graduations, birthdays, anniversaries and so on so that he or she does not miss a moment. Securus continues to be interested in improving service delivery. They are at the focal point of research and developing and understand the importance of family, friends, and connection to inmates.

Securus Technologies is the only inmate communication company at the forefront of investing in innovative solutions. While other businesses continue to languish in 20th-century calls systems, Securus Technologies has made significant strides in making inmates enjoy some quality time with their family.

Securus Technologies has over 20 years of experience in prison communication services. They have set themselves apart from other providers by continually innovating and adopting new technologies. Because of this unique attribute, they are the leading source of crime intelligence, inmate behavior and psychology, and overall information in the prison and crime area.

Video visitation is not the only novel idea that Securus has offered in correctional facilities. They have invested in quality call data analytics and software that even other people and companies can use to understand crime, criminal behaviors, among other criminal justice issues that are of relevant to policy makers and analysts. I believe that Securus has revolutionized prison communication.

Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.