Benefits of Wikipedia Advantages

Technology can be said to have taken most of the responsibility all over the world. These therefore have made the information technology experts to create different websites in the internet. Wikipedia one of the famous website page can be said to be one of the used pages in the world. This is because Wikipedia is a free page and provides online content through the effort of a community of users (and professional Wikipedia editors) known as Wikipedia’s anyone is then allowed to register or open a site and create a page for them. Over the years people have decided to make a Wikipedia page for various humorous reasons. One of the weirdest, funniest and most ridiculous pages was edited by a congress.

This was a software developer names Ed Summers who created a Twitter profile that had to track down anyone who was using the congressional computer. This account was strange, hilarious and it could sometime be worrying. Due to different Wikipedia revisions the publicity pages are tracked. Ed Summers therefore easily created an article that could alert twitter on whenever someone used the congressional office to edit a Wiki page. With different changes that are made most of them are therefore said to be logistical. A senator is therefore able to be elected because some else mad effort to update a Wikipedia page. Therefore twitters congressional page have spawned account all over the world. This has then created transparency between the public and the government.
Therefore Wikipedia can be said as one of the marketing platform either for a company or a personal brand. Therefore there are several benefits that are offered by Wikipedia.

Advantages of creating a Wikipedia Websites Page

• One is able to create a Wiki page about their business or brand and post it on the website page
• Ones Wikipedia page can provide improvement into ones business or brand
• A Wikipedia page add the level of prestige and credibility to the company and brandv
• It improves the businesses integrity
• It can provide positive changes in the business sales
• It enhances the visibility of your page or brand in search engine results

With Wikipedia, one is therefore guaranteed to get effective results. This enhances their companies or personal brand to be more popular in the social media platforms. With Wikipedia, both readers and the personal brands are subjected with the sense of legitimacy. Therefore opening a Wikipedia’s page can be said to an advantage to many companies and brand owners in the marketing advertising platform.