In this modern age, women wearing makeup has become a social norm. A large percentage of women wear makeup, especially lip balms. Lip balms are examples of makeup. Not very long ago, lip balms were not in existence. Therefore, women resorted to the use of Chapsticks to color their lips. Chapsticks often came in a variety of flavors and depending on your preference; you would either opt for the original no flavored version or the mint- flavored one.

Launching of EOS Lip balm.

A few years later, EOS came into existence. EOS stands for Evolution of Smooth. EOS is a revolutionary beauty product that has transformed the beauty and fashion industry. Contrary to chapsticks, EOS was designed not only to be sleek but also to have an intimate connection with the user.

Furthermore, this product is uniquely tailored to ensure that the user enjoys it. All these were done to make sure that EOS lip balm becomes the best option.

The dominance of this lip balm in the beauty and fashion sector can be due to many factors, but a top of the list is the management team. Sanjiv Mehra, a co-founder and managing partner of EOS, attributes the success of EOS to a well-conducted market research, a great marketing policy, and good management. For instance, lip balms were previously considered a unisex commodity.

However, the market research conducted by the founders of EOS stated that women bought more lip balms compared to men. They, therefore, had to design this lip balm to suit the needs and requirements of women maximally. This factor made EOS more competitive compared to its counter beauty products.

Despite all these, EOS was not selling as projected. Good product placement was, therefore, the way to go. By partnering with well-known celebrities such as Demi Lovato, EOS lip balm started being popular. Years later, EOS is a household beauty product. The products are being sold on Wal-Mart and Target stores nationwide. Currently, EOS has a weekly sale that amounts to almost 2 million dollars.



The Very Best in Betsy DeVos

Recently, I was enthralled by the choices of President Donald Trump. As a first time mother, I kept hoping to learn more about who makes the decisions regarding our education system, and that how could affect my daughter in the future when she is old enough to start school. Interestingly, I discovered that the experience Betsy DeVos has to bring to the table is much more in-depth than I imagined. I had no idea that she had so much experience under her belt in various areas of business and philanthropy. Betsy has always been highly regarded as an American businesswoman, politician, and an activist. Her greatest passion is ensuring that all children have equal access to a solid education.

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I read a lot of background information on Betsy, also discovering that she is known as a leader and an innovative thinker. Those who are innovative tend to be creative and giving with their time, talents, and their resources. I can see why this position would be important to Betsy as well as those in the cabinet. It makes sense that the President chose her when she has been fighting to remove barriers in projects that she has spearheaded for the greater good.

As the former Chairman of the Windquest Group, Betsy has a strong foundation in finances and principles regarding finance in the grander scheme of how it should be managed for organizations. This is also important when it comes to schools, with the knowledge that all schools should be treated equally in terms of funding. Betsy has been active in politics for nearly 35 years, and it is her experience as a whole that makes her a great choice for the Secretary of Education.

Leadership isn’t something you are born with, it is something you learn and use in every aspect of your life. I find it impressive that she has held numerous leadership roles, and that she has nurtured numerous organizations that support education and improving the status of our schools. One of the greatest traits of a woman is that she is active in her community as well as within her government, meaning that she treats all people equally. I personally believe that a woman that is willing to get her hands dirty is a woman that desires to help others thrive.

I am astounded at her background, and I am pleased. It is so easy to see why President Trump has chosen Betsy DeVos for the job of Secretary of Education.