Manse on Marsh A Place For Your Family

The Manse on Marsh facility is a home for seniors in the San Luis Obispo area. The facility is done in terracotta roofs and elegant tan siding. Each flat or apartment has its own personality. Some are one bedroom and some are set up like studio apartments with the bedroom and living room in the same room. The rooms are available for each person to decide how they wish to decorate. Some people bring in their own furniture and pictures. Some bring in their own blankets and shower curtains. Some just bring their whole house and some bring just enough to get by. Each person makes their own decisions on the way they want their homes decorated. Some people enjoy the luxurious apartments with their spouse. The Manse on Marsh is the perfect home for seniors that are ready to have someone that looks in on them but they still want some independence.

Assistance is available at different levels. Some many need the help remembering to take their medication on time. Others may forget their medication all together and may need the nurse to administer it daily. Some people may need help when it comes to shower time. They may need help climbing in the shower. They may need help taking off their clothes for baths or putting their clothing on after a shower. Some have a hard time buttoning their clothes because of Arthritis and may need the staff to help them button their clothes. The staff is trained to help and are very accommodating when asked.

The Manse On Marsh recently received good marks stating they are one of the best facilities in the Nation. Manse was mentioned highly in an article on KCTV5. The people that are visiting the facility and the people that are doing surveys are stating this facility is one to place your family member in. Check the results out on Our Parents and a Place for Mom.

Securus Technologies has set the everyday family video visitation in prison

This may sound surreal, but for many relatives and friends of inmates in the 2, 200 correctional facilities served by Securus Technologies, it is a reality. The same way I set up a two-way communication platform on my Skype, Securus has developed the very first video visitation. The video visitation works just like any other video call on my computer. It is easy to set up and significantly cheaper compared to travel. I can bring the home experience into prison and to a brother, a sister, father, or even a friend.

I no longer have to visit my friend or family if he is in a correctional facility far away from home. I can now make an everyday meeting with my other family and friends and invite him or her. The video visitation will reduce the budgets and the time lost traveling from one state to another to visit loved ones. It will also offer inmates a chance to mingle with others at home.

According to one of the family, the video visitation is a step closer home for their son who is under incarceration for two years. They believe that they can involve him in as many activities as possible including graduations, birthdays, anniversaries and so on so that he or she does not miss a moment. Securus continues to be interested in improving service delivery. They are at the focal point of research and developing and understand the importance of family, friends, and connection to inmates.

Securus Technologies is the only inmate communication company at the forefront of investing in innovative solutions. While other businesses continue to languish in 20th-century calls systems, Securus Technologies has made significant strides in making inmates enjoy some quality time with their family.

Securus Technologies has over 20 years of experience in prison communication services. They have set themselves apart from other providers by continually innovating and adopting new technologies. Because of this unique attribute, they are the leading source of crime intelligence, inmate behavior and psychology, and overall information in the prison and crime area.

Video visitation is not the only novel idea that Securus has offered in correctional facilities. They have invested in quality call data analytics and software that even other people and companies can use to understand crime, criminal behaviors, among other criminal justice issues that are of relevant to policy makers and analysts. I believe that Securus has revolutionized prison communication.

Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Eric Pulier and his Accomplishments

As an individual who is known to be technologically innovative and continuously looking for solutions for the future, Eric Pulier is one of the most well respected individuals for his service fro the past few decades in both the private industry as well as within the public industry. Eric Pulier is a man who is described as many things including a philanthropist, a businessman, an American entrepreneur, and even as an author. As a father of four children, Eric Pulier has not only been building a brighter future for the future of the world, but has also been building a brighter future with his family in mind. Eric is a dedicated individual who has worked hard to be exactly where he is at. As the founder as well as the co-founder of 15 successful businesses, Eric Pulier has used every single business opportunity to come up with an innovative way to use technology for a complex issue.

Eric Pulier is a rare individual who has known exactly what he has wanted to do ever since he was a little boy. By the age of nine, Mr. Pulier had created his own computer and by his high school years, Mr. Pulier had designed and formed his own business that was centered around a database that he built. In present day, Pulier is the proud owner, co-founder, as well as the founder of over 15 startup businesses with many more on the way. Though Mr. Pulier is successful in his career, he attributes his success to his initial failure.

Mr. Pulier’s many innovations have earned him notice from many prestigious figures. In 1999, Mr. Pulier caught the eye of the former President of the United States, Bill Clinton. President Clinton specifically requested for Eric Pulier to develop and to create an exhibition that would show the public the plans for technology for the future. Eric Pulier was not only able to pull this exhibition off, but he was also able to show the world how much the world can improve with the use of the advancement of technology into the future.

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Phenomenal man behind the growth of Diversant LLC

The IT industry has been one of the fast growing industries for the past two decades. With the massive competition around them, only strong ones succeed. Therefore, having a leader who starts and succeeds in this ever-changing industry is one to admire.

John Goullet is the co-founder of Diversant LLC, an IT solutions company in New Jersey. He initially worked as an IT consultant for a couple of years before founding Info Technologies Ltd in 1994. Some of the companies he worked at include Computer Sciences Corp and The Constell Group. Through his experience, he extrapolated the knowledge and skills acquired to found the company. While at Info Technologies, grew the company to be worth $30M in 1998, barely four years after its foundation. This prompted the company to be listed as one of the fastest growing companies in the industry.

Through his hard work and dedication, he grew the company to higher heights. Then in 2010, he merged the company with Diversant Inc. to form Diversant LLC. Through the merger, the company has become one of the few companies to be listed in Fortune 500. Serving as the Principal at the African-American based IT firm; he has brought in new solutions to the market base.

Through the various stakeholders involved, the company is able to meet the demands of its wide clientele, which varies from mid-market to high-end clients. They are able to ensure that they deliver all the demands that is sought out from them. Moreover, they are able to provide work for the various IT specialized individuals who are seeking for work. This form of solutions has played a major role in expanding the company.

Kenneth Goodgame – Operations Management Leader

Kenneth Goodgame is known as a very influential leader in Operations Management. His most recent line of work was acting as the Senior Vice President and Chief Merchandizing Officer for True Value Hardware Corporation. True Value was located in Chicago, Illinois and he oversaw many duties from 2013 to 2015. During the two years that he was there he accomplished many things. He was responsible for managing the full P&L for over $2.2 billion in purchasing globally. He oversaw approximately $320 million in active inventory and covered 85,000 different SKUs. He worked to create and implement a 5 year comprehensive corporate strategic plan that would be responsible for delivering long term growth throughout the company. He was responsible for the marketing structures within the company along with the merchandise, different types of categories and print advertising. During his years of working there, he also was held the responsibility for driving the team to a higher inventory level and increase the SKU’s further more to increase investments. Goodgame also created a “New at True Value” 4 SKU end cap program that was responsible for supporting over 2800 different True Value stores and is known to become one of the most successful program launches. Goodgame has brought many years of experience to his career while he has worked for Ace Hardware, Techtronic Industries, Newell Rubbermaid and The Home Depot prior to working at True Value.

Kenneth Goodgame graduated with his Bachelor’s of Science in Marketing at the University of Tennessee. Throughout his career in the industry, he has become a highly influential leader in Operations Management. His precise structure with the financials, management teams, staff and overall abilities has lead business to increase their performance and enhance productivity. Goodgame has a pristine eye for the business and can point companies away from costly mistakes and point them in the right direction to increasing profit and turning more positive revenue. He has worked hard in his career to promote growth and leadership by setting a professional and ethical balance. His focus is built upon delivering a balance of corporate alignment and strives to increase employee engagement throughout each company and course of management.