Kenneth Goodgame – Operations Management Leader

Kenneth Goodgame is known as a very influential leader in Operations Management. His most recent line of work was acting as the Senior Vice President and Chief Merchandizing Officer for True Value Hardware Corporation. True Value was located in Chicago, Illinois and he oversaw many duties from 2013 to 2015. During the two years that he was there he accomplished many things. He was responsible for managing the full P&L for over $2.2 billion in purchasing globally. He oversaw approximately $320 million in active inventory and covered 85,000 different SKUs. He worked to create and implement a 5 year comprehensive corporate strategic plan that would be responsible for delivering long term growth throughout the company. He was responsible for the marketing structures within the company along with the merchandise, different types of categories and print advertising. During his years of working there, he also was held the responsibility for driving the team to a higher inventory level and increase the SKU’s further more to increase investments. Goodgame also created a “New at True Value” 4 SKU end cap program that was responsible for supporting over 2800 different True Value stores and is known to become one of the most successful program launches. Goodgame has brought many years of experience to his career while he has worked for Ace Hardware, Techtronic Industries, Newell Rubbermaid and The Home Depot prior to working at True Value.

Kenneth Goodgame graduated with his Bachelor’s of Science in Marketing at the University of Tennessee. Throughout his career in the industry, he has become a highly influential leader in Operations Management. His precise structure with the financials, management teams, staff and overall abilities has lead business to increase their performance and enhance productivity. Goodgame has a pristine eye for the business and can point companies away from costly mistakes and point them in the right direction to increasing profit and turning more positive revenue. He has worked hard in his career to promote growth and leadership by setting a professional and ethical balance. His focus is built upon delivering a balance of corporate alignment and strives to increase employee engagement throughout each company and course of management.

Talk Fusion to Talk to Anyone

When you want to talk to your loved ones, there are a ton of choices. The problem is that you may not know what service or how you want to talk to the ones you love. Talk Fusion can help you with that and for a low to no cost.

Talk Fusion offers it’s customers a chat option that has videos as well as chatting. This option allows you to see the person you are talking to and to help you feel like you are closer to them then you may be. This option is great for someone that wants to talk to family in another state or that wants to see where their family lives.

Video chat is also low cost for anyone that is using it. You simply need to have an internet connection as well as the program or app to chat with. Once you have these things you are able to talk and see your family and feel like you are part of their lives.

The cool thing about video chat is that it can be used while on the go as well. This means you can have it connected to your phone and still be able to talk to others. They can go with you when you are going to the park or when you want to get something done while you are video chatting. This can also help you and them feel like you are in the same area or that you are connected through the chat.

There are a lot of times a chat like this is a good idea. You may be a little unsure because you have to see the other person and maybe you are worried you won’t look right on a chat or that you are not going to like it. The good news is that it’s not hard to do a chat like this and it’s easy to feel like you are sitting right next to the person you are video chatting with. Talk Fusion is a great software to get you started.

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Laidlaw & Company Is Like A Retirement Factory

I never knew that my life could be so simple when I came to Laidlaw & Company the first time looking for help. I have been nervous about this before, but I figured that I should give it a try. I could only make more money from my accounts if Laidlaw & Company was really food for me, and I got to talk to Matthew Eitner and James Ahern about what they thought I should do. We had this really nice talk about boats, and I had a plan to save for a boat on top of retiring.

I know that a lot of people do not think about saving for all these things because it seems like it should not be done that way, but I have investment accounts that are just for paying for a boat. I am going to use those to pay for the boat, and then any money that is left over goes back into my regular retirement account.

My broker has me on a clock that is going to help me know the exact day that I can retire based on what I am doing right now, and I can change that if I want to. I like having my eye on the prize so that I do not lose focus when I am trying to retire, and I like having someone who does most of that work for me.

I know a lot of people are worried about retiring, but they will be able to retire because of what Laidlaw & Company does. They are a really great place where I feel like they hear what my needs are, and I like that they even made a plan for my boat. It is really nice to have a financial plan instead of a blank account.