Who’s that girl?

The one who looks like a beautiful, walking rainbow. Or a colorful unicorn. In fact, she is known as “the Queen of Unicorns“.


Doe Deere is the Founder, CEO, and owner of Lime Crime, an ultra-successful cosmetics company famous for it’s cruelty-free, vegan, and did we mention megawatt-hued products? Her amazing makeup line has made it possible for her devoted followers, whom she lovingly refers to as her Unicorns, to express their individuality as beautifully as Doe herself does.


Following a very “colorful” history of her own, Doe introduced Lime Crime makeup in mid-October of 2008. She was tired of not being able to find beauty products in the bright, vibrant colors she herself was so fond of. This was during the era of “Neutrals”, when even the supermodels were seen in nothing but nude, beige, and earthy makeup tones. These were too tame for Doe’s personality. She began to concoct her own makeup in the colors she loved. Other vibrant souls saw Doe and fell in love with her look and wanted to know where they could get the same products. The idea of creating her own exclusive line of cosmetics was born.



Doe Deere was born in Russia and lived there until she was 17 years old, when she moved to New York City with her family. Prior to this she had her first brush with the business of beauty at the age of 13, when she began wearing her own temporary tattoo designs to school. Other students loved them and wanted some for themselves. Doe began selling her temporary tattoos to her fellow students – a preview of her future in the world of beauty.



Upon moving to New York City Doe joined a band. During this artistic adventure she gained experience in marketing, advertisement, and grabbing and holding the attention of a crowd. This too would come into play when she launched her own company.



Lime Crime cosmetics is overseen by Doe personally. She has a hand in the creation of every new product, and the color must meet with her approval one hundred percent. Doe’s devoted customers rave about Lime Crime, and about Doe. They love the fact that she understands them and helps them to creatively and uniquely express their personalities in such a fun way. Doe says she will continue to create the products her precious Unicorns love and that they are her inspiration for each and every new product in her Lime Crime line. It is this devotion and personal connection that makes Doe and her company so successful.



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