Success Academy Achievement Criteria

The achievement of Success Academy is something that has created a buzz across the region. It is a charter network with 32 schools serving 9,000 students. It was first opened in 2006. It has grown tremendously and has performed remarkably well. The network is projecting to open 13 additional schools in the next two years with an approximated figure of 21,000 students.

Success Academy collaborates as one system of scholars, teachers, and school leaders to transition smoothly. They have tailor-made approach across each school level. The success of the school is a laser focus on what is taught and how it is taught. The Success Academy has its English Language Arts (ELA) Curriculum. The research shows that the balanced literacy does not build the knowledge and vocabulary that the children need. The Academy has added a lot of content to it. They have the Teachers College reading and writing workshop model that encourages independent reading. Moskowitz says that kids need to be avid readers. Their think literacy program includes reading workshop, read aloud, guided reading, and shared texts. Students spend two hours every day on a combination of some of the four elements.

Elementary students have two project-based learning units in each grade. There is an additional independent learning time in the middle school. Students receive iPads loaded with information and books. Middle school students must read seven key texts where four are novels, two non-fictions, and one of poetry. Writing skills are a priority from Kindergarten to the 8th grade. Students produce longer pieces across different genres in other levels.

Sara Yu is a literature expert in the Success Academy School. Sara provides the students with engaging books at all levels that expose students to great materials with diverse cultures and background characters. They also have an off-the-shelf math curriculum with designed set of activities that help students to master new concepts each day. The Success Academy ELA and math curriculum are well integrated with the common core state standards. They have an experiment based science class daily. Students take test preps. They also practice tests that are posted in the hallways. Teachers are ranked according to how well their students perform.


In this modern age, women wearing makeup has become a social norm. A large percentage of women wear makeup, especially lip balms. Lip balms are examples of makeup. Not very long ago, lip balms were not in existence. Therefore, women resorted to the use of Chapsticks to color their lips. Chapsticks often came in a variety of flavors and depending on your preference; you would either opt for the original no flavored version or the mint- flavored one.

Launching of EOS Lip balm.

A few years later, EOS came into existence. EOS stands for Evolution of Smooth. EOS is a revolutionary beauty product that has transformed the beauty and fashion industry. Contrary to chapsticks, EOS was designed not only to be sleek but also to have an intimate connection with the user.

Furthermore, this product is uniquely tailored to ensure that the user enjoys it. All these were done to make sure that EOS lip balm becomes the best option.

The dominance of this lip balm in the beauty and fashion sector can be due to many factors, but a top of the list is the management team. Sanjiv Mehra, a co-founder and managing partner of EOS, attributes the success of EOS to a well-conducted market research, a great marketing policy, and good management. For instance, lip balms were previously considered a unisex commodity.

However, the market research conducted by the founders of EOS stated that women bought more lip balms compared to men. They, therefore, had to design this lip balm to suit the needs and requirements of women maximally. This factor made EOS more competitive compared to its counter beauty products.

Despite all these, EOS was not selling as projected. Good product placement was, therefore, the way to go. By partnering with well-known celebrities such as Demi Lovato, EOS lip balm started being popular. Years later, EOS is a household beauty product. The products are being sold on Wal-Mart and Target stores nationwide. Currently, EOS has a weekly sale that amounts to almost 2 million dollars.

Who’s that girl?

The one who looks like a beautiful, walking rainbow. Or a colorful unicorn. In fact, she is known as “the Queen of Unicorns“.


Doe Deere is the Founder, CEO, and owner of Lime Crime, an ultra-successful cosmetics company famous for it’s cruelty-free, vegan, and did we mention megawatt-hued products? Her amazing makeup line has made it possible for her devoted followers, whom she lovingly refers to as her Unicorns, to express their individuality as beautifully as Doe herself does.


Following a very “colorful” history of her own, Doe introduced Lime Crime makeup in mid-October of 2008. She was tired of not being able to find beauty products in the bright, vibrant colors she herself was so fond of. This was during the era of “Neutrals”, when even the supermodels were seen in nothing but nude, beige, and earthy makeup tones. These were too tame for Doe’s personality. She began to concoct her own makeup in the colors she loved. Other vibrant souls saw Doe and fell in love with her look and wanted to know where they could get the same products. The idea of creating her own exclusive line of cosmetics was born.



Doe Deere was born in Russia and lived there until she was 17 years old, when she moved to New York City with her family. Prior to this she had her first brush with the business of beauty at the age of 13, when she began wearing her own temporary tattoo designs to school. Other students loved them and wanted some for themselves. Doe began selling her temporary tattoos to her fellow students – a preview of her future in the world of beauty.



Upon moving to New York City Doe joined a band. During this artistic adventure she gained experience in marketing, advertisement, and grabbing and holding the attention of a crowd. This too would come into play when she launched her own company.



Lime Crime cosmetics is overseen by Doe personally. She has a hand in the creation of every new product, and the color must meet with her approval one hundred percent. Doe’s devoted customers rave about Lime Crime, and about Doe. They love the fact that she understands them and helps them to creatively and uniquely express their personalities in such a fun way. Doe says she will continue to create the products her precious Unicorns love and that they are her inspiration for each and every new product in her Lime Crime line. It is this devotion and personal connection that makes Doe and her company so successful.



Whitney Wolfe Builds A Dating App Platform By Being Vocal About Bumble

Dating can be a complicated process. Bumble is the app that may make things much easier. It does not have to be complicated because there are many people that simply want to expedite the relationship by getting a good match. When messages are sent and not answered in a certain time frame this hinders the dating process. That is the main reason that Whitney Wolfe wanted to go solo and do something that was different from what all of her other counterparts were doing.

The dating app industry has a lot of players, but Whitney Wolfe is one that actually stands out because she is taking the time to actually see what singles are looking for. Wolfe is a young entrepreneur. So many of the other dating app leaders are in the background. They are relying on the name of the company to propel the brand. Companies like eHarmony, for example, have been around for a long time, and advertising through commercials is what will propel this type of premium dating app. Whitney Wolfe is getting her name out there and getting people to talk about her app. That is the thing that changes the course of the game for Bumble. This is the app that people know more about because they see the person that has actually started the company. Whitney Wolfe is vocal, and this is inspiring to a lot of other women in business.

Whitney Wolfe has taken it upon herself to build a legacy in her young age by going above and beyond. She is not following what everyone else is doing. Wolfe is carving out her own lane and leading the way. The dating app industry was not anything that was worthy of conversation because it was so bland. Whitney Wolfe spiced things up for singles.

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